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Construction Estimating for Busy Contractors

Win more work - In today's market most construction companies like yours spend their time worried about executing flawlessly and then when the project is over have to win another job.
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Build Buddy is the fastest growing construction estimating service firm in the United States. Our seasoned professionals have a combined construction experience of more than 30 years. Using Build Buddy to complete detailed takeoffs and create a winning bid is easy, fast, and affordable. When you use our estimating services your construction business will grow because you can bid and win more work.
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Founded in 2012 we have built a solid reputation of providing quick, reliable and accurate pre-construction services to thousands of clients all over the country. If you're a small business, sub-contractor, large GC, design firm or a large manufacturer of construction products we look forward to hearing your story and discussing how our services can help you grow your business!
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Increase the number of projects you bid on without working more.

Build Buddy is the on-demand choice for busy contractors looking to keep their backlog full. You can’t win if you don’t bid.

Construction Estimating

Error Free Estimating – Ever hear a second set of eyes eliminates mistakes? Well, nobody’s perfect, and plans today require more time analyzing the “design intent.” Our team of professionals follow a proprietary world clad process to ensure we are hitting the mark when we deliver your quantities.

Digital Takeoffs

Trustworthy Takeoff – A winning bid starts with accurate quantities. Our detailed takeoffs improve your confidence the right items have been quantified with the “if it’s colored, we counted it” gurarantee*.

Estimator On Demand

On Demand Estimating – Not everyone can afford a full-time estimator on their team. Let us eliminate the payroll headache and augment your already lean staff with our estimating professionals. You’ll love the quick turn around and it will feel like we’re part of your staff.

Pay As You Go

Types of Projects

Commercial Construction

Hotels and Multifamily Units

Residential Construction

Industrial Construction

Government Construction

Infrastructure and Utility Construction

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