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Take your takeoff to the next level by including your material, labor and overhead costs and deliver your finalized price with confidence.

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Win More Projects

The more projects you bid, the more you win.  Build Buddy’s estimators are helping contractors increase sales and profit with our service.

Reduce Estimating Errors

Two sets of eyes on the project scope, blueprints, and final estimate helps reduce hidden errors in your final bid.  Work with us and ensure multiple people are checking your numbers.

Quick Estimate Turnaround

Using the best technology and experienced construction estimating pros, allows our team to quickly provide you with takeoff and estimates you can count on.

Detailed Quantity Takeoff

A successful big starts with an accurate number.  Our team of estimators have experience bidding on large and small projects and we use the latest digital takeoff software to ensure accurate numbers.

Bidding and winning construction projects has never been easier